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Automated border control (ABC) gates

Automated border control (ABC) gates are located in the departure and arrival halls – 4 gates in each hall.

ABC gates in the arrivals hall are currently closed due to post-arrival quarantine regulations in Poland.

Who and how can use the gates?

Automated border control gates at Wroclaw Airport apply to passengers departing to or arriving from countries outside the Schengen area. ABC gates are set up at the entrance and exit from the Non Schengen area. The gates can be used by adult EU, EEA and Swiss citizens who have a biometric document: passport or ID card. The gate serves people with a height of 120 – 220 cm.

Automated border control works as follows: approach the gate, open the document on the photo page, place it on the reader and keep it there for a moment. After automatic data verification, a gate opens, through which you need to enter, where the face is scanned to confirm your identity. To scan the face, you need to stand in the designated area (marked with a foot symbol on the floor), take off your headgear, glasses and mask. If everything is correct, you can leave the automatic control zone.