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Information for passengers with disabilities and with reduced mobility who travel by airplane.

On 26th July 2008 the EU Regulation on the ground handling of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility who travel by airplane came into force.
This means that people with disabilities have the right to special assistance at the airport and during their flight  and both the airport staff and the aircraft crew are obliged to create proper conditions and ensure assistance free of charge.


  • If you need assistance, inform the cashier while purchasing the ticket. If you book the tickets on the carrier’s web site, book also the assistance.
  • If you did not book assistance together with the ticket, complete the form which you will find below.
  • Send the form 48 hours before  the time of departure.
  • For the deaf there is a separate sms number available. Send an sms to  781 992 781 to receive information on the type off assistance we provide.
  • Personal data obtained from the form will be protected according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data from 29 August 1997.

To make all airport procedures easier for persons with disabilities, the Wrocław Airport prepared a lot of facilities for them.

From / to do airport

  • TAXI – Near the entrances to the terminal there are taxi ranks, enabling comfortable arrival and departure.
  • CITY BUSES – The city bus stop is situated in the immediate proximity of the terminal. Buses are adapted to transport disabled persons.
  • CAR PARK – car park spaces for persons with disabilities are situated in the immediate proximity of the terminal. There are special signs along the street in front of the terminal guiding you to the right car park.  Car spaces for disabled passengers are marked blue and are marked with special symbols. Additionally, each space is equipped with a panel enabling the disabled person to call for assistance.


  • TRAININGS – All employees taking care of disabled passengers have been trained. Passenger’ service managers have proper certificates of trainings conducted by the representatives of Wrocławski Sejmik Osób Niepełnosprawnych (The Wrocław Regional Council of Disabled People),
  • SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE DISABLED – Every disabled passenger travelling to or from the airport may request for assistance. It will be provided by trained staff. In order to do so, the passenger should approach one of the special panels to call the assistance staff or go to the disabled passenger’ service point situated in the terminal next to the Airport Information Desk. The assistance staff will provide all possible help to the disabled person from the moment of their arrival at the airport, during check-in and boarding.
  • STAFF– The airport’s employees wearing orange and grey shirts are supposed to offer help to the passengers in the terminal, both in the public and in the restricted area.


  • HELP PANELS – Disabled persons can use a help panel to automatically call special assistance staff via intercom. These panels are clearly marked and located near the parking spaces for the disabled, in front of the main entrance to the terminal and at the bus stop.
  • INTERCOMS – Intercoms meant for persons with disabilities are located in the restricted areas of the terminal, departure and arrival halls. They allow to connect automatically with the Airport Information Desk in order to request for assistance or  obtain information on the departure.
  • AIRPORT INFORMATION SYSTEM – Information about flights and other announcements appear in a visual form on screens located throughout the terminal and are announced via the airport’s sound system. Additionally, there is a special sms number at the disposal of deaf persons  (781 992 781).
  • RESERVED WAITING AREAS – In the terminal, there are specially designed chairs reserved exclusively for use by passengers with disabilities.
  • TOILETS – At the airport, both in the public and the restricted area, there are special toilets adapted to the needs of disabled persons.
  • PUBLIC TELEPHONES AVAILABLE FOR PERSONS USING WHEELCHAIRS – All public telephones in the terminal are adapted to the needs of persons using wheelchairs.
  • ELEVATORS – Elevators at the airport are designed for disabled persons.They are well-marked, provide visual information and the announcements are written in Braille alphabet for blind persons.


  • CHECK-IN – There is a separate check-in desk adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. It is situated among all the check-in desks in the main hall.
  • SECURITY CHECK – Disabled persons are subject to security check to the same extent as other passengers. The staff carrying out security check have been appropriately trained on how to handle persons with disabilities.
  • BOARDING THE AIRCRAFT – After safety check, the disabled passengers must wait to board the aircraft at the gates where there are specially designed seats (reserved strictly for disabled persons). Disabled passengers are accompanied by assistance staff when boarding. All disabled passengers who need assistance board the plane first, unless it is not allowed by security regulations. Once on board, they will also receive personal attention from the aircraft crew.

Check how to get to the airport
Check all the facilities for PRM on the terminal map (blue icons).

We would like all passengers visiting our airport were fully satisfied with the service. Passengers with disabilities and with reduced mobility have the right to obtain assistance from the airport while they depart from here or arrive here. Therefore, please send us information on the date of travel, destination, name and kind of help you need to the e-mail address below. This data will allow us to provide the necessary assistance. We kindly ask you to send it no later than 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to the e-mail address [email protected] or by fax to 071 358 14 80.