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  • According to the regulations introduced by the governments of Ukraine, from September 1, 2020, it is not possible for passengers to fly to this country. Flights to Hungary are allowed only for Hungarian nationals, their family members and foreign nationals with valid permanent residence permit (=over 90 days or indefinite period). Czech, Polish and Slovakian nationals can enter if they provide 1 negative PCR test (in Hungarian or English) not older than 5 days. – Passenger shall provide the result of the test to the Ground Handling Agent at the gate (before flight).
  • According to the new regulation published by the Government of Poland, from September 15, 2020, flights from Spain to Poland are suspended.


  • We remind people traveling to Greece about the obligation to complete e-registiation form. This should be done at least 24 hours before departure. Please remember to take with you the confirmation of registration in a printed or electronical version (QR code). !!!IMPORTANT!!! PASSENGERS WHO WILL NOT REGISTER AS ABOVE MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL. Links to registration forms:
  • People traveling to UK have to complete e-registiation form

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  • All passengers traveling to Cyprus should have to conduct a test confirming negative PCR for Covid-19 during the last 72 hours before their travel to the Republic of Cyprus and possess a certificate which confirms negative PCR for Covid-19, issued from a certified laboratory. Passengers have to complete the Passenger Locator Form and the Declarations for Category B Countries:


  • Polish citizens traveling to Norway from 15.08.2020 are subject to mandatory quarantine.
  • Passengers flying from Ukraine to Poland from 03.07.2020 are subject to mandatory quarantine. It doesn’t concern the following: Polish and EU citizens, EFTA and their families, students receiving education in Poland, scientists and PhD students conducting research in Poland.
  • Passengers flying to Iceland have to do test for COVID-19 or be quarantined for 14 days. More:

Flights to Great Britain and Ukraine resumed

According to the new regulations of the Council of Ministers of 30.06.2020 connections to Great Britain and Ukraine are resumed. All scheduled flights to these countries from 1st June will take place as planned. We encourage you to check and book the flights on the carriers websites: and

Citizens of UE, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland may enter Poland with no restrictions.

At the same time according to a regulation of 28.07.2020 Sweden and Portugal and additionally Montenegro are still excluded from the reopening, with flights to those destinations remaining suspended until 11th August.

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Useful information

In accordance with the new regulation of Polish Government, airlines travelling to/from Poland may fly only to countries of the European Union and those forming EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland)

‼WARNING‼ At least till June 30, 2020, flights to Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Sweden wont’t be realized in Poland.
Currently scheduled flights for the next days:

Thursday 18.06: Eindhoven
Friday 19.06: Oslo Torp, Reykjavik
Saturday 20.06: Eindhoven
Monday 22.06: Oslo Torp, Reykjavik
Thuesday 23.06: Eindhoven
Thursday 25.06: Eindhoven
Friday 26.06: Oslo Torp, Reykjavik
Saturday 27.06: Eindhoven



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