New procedures for passenger service at the airport

Due to the current epidemic situation in the world, new operating procedures are introduced at airports  The highest priority is health and safety of passengers and staff, therefore airports and airlines are adapting to new functions. What does this mean for the passenger?

Here are the main rules that will be valid from the 1st of June 2020, also at the Wroclaw Airport:

  • only passengers with valid travel documents (boarding pass, flight ticket) and the customers of airline agencies or car rentals will be allowed to enter the passenger terminal. They will have to wear face masks protecting the nose and mouth – the purchase of face masks will be also available at the airport. Only passenger who needs care and assistance  (i.e a person with a disability) will be able to enter the terminal with an accompanying person,
  • before entering the terminal all passengers are subject to mandatory body temperature check. At Wrocław Airport the temperature is measured by non-contact method, using thermovision and non-contact thermometers. People with COVID-19 symptoms (body temperature 38 degrees and above, persistent cough, breathing difficulties or other flu-like symptoms) will be subject to a double temperature measurement in the Passenger Health Interview Booth (located near the entrance), for COVID-19 travel cases. If the symptoms of COVID-19 are confirmed such a person in accordance with the new regulations, will not be allowed to enter into the terminal and will not be able to travel on board  of the aircraft,
  • the principle of social distance (1,5m distance) applies to the whole areas of the airport (i.e. check-in area, security check and gate area),
  • keeping distance and disinfection of hands will be also applied in airport stores, bars and restaurants,
  • passengers will be encouraged to wash and disinfect their hands frequently. Sanitary stations will be available to everyone in visible places in the terminal, including the entrance, near the toilets, after security check, as well as for arriving passengers,
  • a children’s playground in the departure hall will be temporarily closed.

To make everyone feel safe with us, we will require passengers to comply with the above principles and we will do everything to ensure the highest safety standards, including:

  • our employees will be equipped with face masks and /or helmets,
  • all spaces in the terminal and all areas accessible to passengers will be regularly disinfected,
  • all payments will be made without cash.

We wish everyone a safe and happy journey!

LOT Polish Airlines resume passenger flights from June 1st

LOT Polish Airlines resume passenger flights from June 1st. The connection on the Wroclaw-Warsaw route will be operated twice a day. The tickets available at

More about procedures you can read here:


Below you will find useful information and links to websites where airlines provide instructions on how to proceed in case a canceled flight and also information about available departures.


The carrier recommends that its passengers who want to get refund should complete the ONLINE refund form

  • Passengers who were supposed to travel in March / April can change the date and direction of the booked flight for free (note: only the original connection can be changed free of charge).
  • In case of a change of destination to a more expensive destination, the passenger must pay the price difference.
  • You cannot change the date of a canceled flight to April.
  • The option to cancel/refund a ticket applies only to passengers whose flights have been canceled. The carrier informs about canceled connections via SMS and e-mails.
  • Passengers who book via the agency – including online travel agencies – should contact the company where they bought the tickets.

Link to Ryanair’s chat, refund form, information about refunds, information about canceled flights:

Wizz Air

  • The carrier returns the full amount of the payment for the canceled booking (i.e. the total fee) to the passenger’s WIZZ account (in the case of the first flight and, if applicable, the return flight) an additional + 20% as a bonus in the form of credit in the WIZZ account. After sending, the loan will be available to the passenger for two years. The loan can be used to purchase any Wizz Air flights/ services over the next two years.
  • There is also the option of refunding by bank transfer or to the card’s account (instead of a credit on the WIZZ account). In this case, please note that the additional 20% mentioned above will not be paid. Within two weeks, the carrier will send passengers an additional e-mail with all necessary instructions and details regarding 100% reimbursement
  • Wizz Air announced that with the introduction of the automatic returns process, by April 14, 2020 at the latest, online complaint registration will be temporarily disabled.
  • Passengers who book via the agency – including online travel agencies – should contact the company where they bought the tickets.

More information:


Current rebooking and refund information:
Note. At it is possible to buy tickets for some departures from  Warsaw (for example to Great Britain)
Flexible rebooking options:
Information for passengers travelling to Poland:
Entry restrictions in selected countries:


More information:


Rebooking options:


Information about canceled flights, information about refunds, rebooking options:
Refund form:


Rebooking options:
Information about canceled flights:
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Rebooking options:
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Information about canceled flights:
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