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Record 2023 year at Wroclaw Airport

Wrocław Airport finished 2023 with the record number of passengers served in history. Great results in each subsequent month amounted to a total of 3,891,553 passengers who decided to travel from the capital of Lower Silesia.

It was the best year in the history of Wrocław Airport. Every month we improved our result from 2019. This is a reason to be very proud, but at the same time a motivation to exceed the number of 4 million passengers served in 2024. A year full of challenges is ahead of us. In addition to expanding the connection network, we will start investing in airport infrastructure, which will allow us to achieve even better results in the coming years, says Cezary Pacamaj, President of the Management Board of Wrocław Airport.

The increase in the number of passengers was also influenced by the increased frequency of connections in the most popular destinations. New, attractive destinations have appeared in the timetable such as Moroccan Agadir, Spanish Valencia or a direct connection with Seoul, which has been the showcase of the Wrocław airport since November.