After landing

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Customs control
CustomsAfter landing at the Wrocław Airport, passengers whose plane has parked in an apron at some distance from the terminal position, will be transported to the terminal by an airport bus. Passengers flying from countries belonging to Schengen Zone will be directed to relevant area. All passengers who carry cabin baggage should go to the baggage claim area in the arrivals hall and afterwards to the exit. Passengers travelling within the Schengen Zone are not subject to documents control. Passengers arriving from the countries from outside the Schengen Zone, after having their documents checked, will proceed to the baggage claim area.

If a passenger is carrying goods exceeding tariff allowances, he/she should approach the “GOODS TO DECLARE” desk, in the red passage situated near the exit from the baggage claim area.

Passengers can choose the green “NOTHING TO DECLARE” passage if they are not carrying any goods that need to be declared. However, you must bear in mind that customs officer is entitled to check every passenger. More information on customs regulations can be found here or by contacting directly the customs service at the airport: call +48 71 35 75 979 (24H)

Lost luggage
If your luggage is lost or damaged, please go to the lost luggage counter in the public area of the arrivals hall. Damage or loss must be immediately reported. Reporting it later may not be accepted. Telephone number of the lost luggage office:+48 71 35 81 387 In the lost luggage office you may also enquire about objects left on the plane.
To enquire about objects lost at the airport premises or in the terminal please contact + 48 71 35 81 419.

Car rental
Car rental desks are situated in the arrival hall of the terminal. Car rental car parks are located in the front of the terminal.
More information on car rental.

Getting to the city centre
From the airport you can easily get to the city centre. Detailed information onhow to get there can be found here:  ‘Getting here’.

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