Child and Travel

Preparing for travel
All issues concerning travelling with a child such as any age limits, required documents, fees, etc. are governed by internal regulations of the airlines so make sure to read them carefully when you are planning the journey.
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Typically, infants and children under the age of two do not have a separate seat in the aircraft and are travelling on parents’ lap and in the case of low cost airlines they are usually not allowed to have cabin baggage or hand luggage, although these provisions may vary depending on the carrier. Older children take their own seats and are looked after by adults. You can purchase individual crew assistance for children in various age categories. Then the child is escorted from the check-in desk through security check to the aircraft by the airport’s passenger service staff and taken care on board by the aircraft crew. After arrival at the airport of destination, the child is turned over to an indicated adult. Parents or guardians whose children are travelling by themselves must complete a special form which can be obtained from the carrier or at the airport.
Depending on the airline, children above certain age may travel unaccompanied. However, in some countries, though,  a written permission from child’s parents is required.

Traditional carriers (e.g. LOT, Lufthansa, SAS, etc.) offer discounts on tickets for children. The youngest passengers may also collect miles (which are nothing else but points for flights) which they can exchange for prizes.

At the airport
Child at the airportIn spite of the restrictive rules concerning the carriage of liquids, food and drinks for children do not need to be placed in the plastic bags during the journey. However, they will be submitted to inspection. You are allowed to take a pram to the aircraft – you may leave it at the check-in desk or  in front of the aircraft entrance. The pram will be labelled in the same way as the rest of your baggage and taken to the hold of the aircraft.
At the Wrocław Airport there are well equipped rooms for parents travelling with kids and babies where they can take care of the baby (change the diaper, etc.) in intimate atmosphere. In the departure hall, behind the check-in area and security check, there is a kid’s play area where the youngest passengers can have some fun before departure. There’s another big attraction for children who are already waiting for their flight in the departures hall. They can watch the apron with the aircrafts being serviced.  This may be an interesting activity not only for children, but also for their parents. No wonder because for most people this is quite an unusual view.

Check the airport plan for:
- Rooms for parents with children
- Kid’s lounge

On the aircraft
Child on the aircraftWhat should you take on board so that the flight is not troublesome to children and their parents?
Keep in mind that taking off and landing are the two worst moments for the child due to the change of pressure, and therefore you should give your child something to drink or suck.  It is also worth knowing that traditional carriers offer a special meal for children which you can order while booking the ticket or checking-in on-line. If you need to prepare milk for infants, such possibility usually it is possible – simply ask the aircraft crew. However, you should confirm it with the carrier, since the services offered may differ.  Low-cost carriers offer only catering which should be paid for and which is not necessarily adapted to children’s needs so in this case make sure to prepare a meal for the child before you travel.
Every mum or dad knows how unpleasant it may become when a child starts getting bored.
It is not a common practice of airlines to provide the youngest passengers with fun kits or gifts. Not always there is a possibility to watch cartoons on the plane. Therefor it is a good idea to pack a storybook or colouring book into your hand luggage or try to invent earlier some amusements, that will make your child enjoy the time spent on the plane.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women, when planning a trip by plane, should carefully read the terms and conditions of a carrier which clearly specify, among others, what documents are required by each  airline and what the restrictions are concerning travelling by pregnant women.

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