Step by step

At a travel agency
In travel agencyTravel agencies throughout Poland offer tours flying out from Wrocław.  Such trips are also available via Internet sales. A tour agent will advise you where to go on vacation, which hotel to choose and will make the offer tailored to your specific needs. At a travel agency you will also learn what airline will operate your flight. A list of tour operators that organise trips flying out from Wrocław is very long, thus even the most demanding customers will undoubtedly find a suitable offer. The travel agency representative will give you the discount card which entitles you to numerous discounts at the airport. At the travel agency you will also be informed about the baggage size and weight limitations in the country you are heading to. In order to learn about terms and conditions of flight, we suggest visiting the airline’s web-site as well.

Before you complete packing your luggage please enquire at the travel agency about the allowed weight of your hand and cabin luggage and what items are prohibited on board.
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Getting to the airport
The access to the airport is now comfortable and fast thanks to modern road infrastructure. Those travelling by their own car are advised to check before the journey how to reach the airport and choose the most suitable route.
Getting to the airport – map.

Car park
At the Wrocław Airport there is a car park for over 1500 vehicles located in the immediate proximity of the terminal. Please ask your travel agent about discount on car park at the airport. Think about booking your parking space on-line in advance – it’s easy and comfortable, and you will be assured that the parking space is reserved. By paying on-line you will avoid making the payment in the ticket machine, which greatly facilitates leaving  the car park.
Car park pla
n. Booking online.

Travel documents

After arriving at the airport you should approach the travel agent’s stand where a representative of the travel agency whose services you have chosen will provide you with the necessary travel documents. You will find the travel agents near the main escalator, vis a vis Airport Information. See the terminal map.

Look for the check-in desk number for your flight at the information screens that are installed inside the terminal. Check-in for charter flights starts 2 hours before departure and finishes 40 minutes before departure. Do not forget to prepare all the required documents. While planning your trip, please ask your travel agent what documents will be necessary.
More information on the check-in.

Security check
In order to move smoothly to the departures hall, please read the rules of security check carefully.

Documents control
When you purchase a trip at the travel agency make sure to find out what are the documents you will need to visit a certain country.

Take home only pleasant memories
When we come back from holiday we bring beautiful photos and souvenirs. Sometimes, however, the souvenirs may cause you serious trouble. That is why you must be aware of  the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). Find out which species are protected by CITES and which you cannot take home with you.

Enjoy your holidays!

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