Security check

Security controlSo that every passenger could feel safe and comfortable while traveling by plane, a security check carried out by Airport Security Services Staff is necessary.

Before you approach the security check stand make sure that you do not carry any prohibited items in your hand luggage. All metal objects with which you enter departures hall (keys, watches, belts, mobile phones, coins etc.) and larger electronic devices (notebooks, decoders etc.) should be placed in special trays and put on the belt of the x-ray device, together with hand luggage. Airport staff carrying out security checks will also ask you to removing the outer garnment (jackets, coats) and to take your shoes off  in order to x-ray them. All liquids, gels and aerosols which you intend to take on- board, should be placed in containers with maximum volume of 100 ml/100 g and should fit in one plastic transparent sealable bag of a volume not exceeding one litre. Approximate dimensions of such a bag are 22 cm x 15 cm.
For the security check to go smoothly, employees of the airport are at passengers’ disposal – they will answer your questions and help you prepare for the control.

More information concerning passengers and baggage security check is available here

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