After going through security control passengers flying to countries outside the Schengen Zone are subject to documents control while passengers flying to countries belonging to Schengen Zone are not.
DocumentsDocuments that confirm one’s identity in order to cross the border are as follows:

  • Identity card (Note! This applies only to the “new” identity cards and only when travelling within the European Union, EEA and Switzerland)
  • Passport

All other documents (e.g. student card, driving license, birth or marriage certificate, etc.) do not entitle to boarding the aircraft.
These rules also apply to children who should have one of the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • Passport

Please note. As of 26th of June 2012 the entries in the parents’ passports concerning children ceased to be valid. From then on the children must travel with their own identification document. Parents’ passports are still valid. Only the annotations concerning children ceased to be valid.

At the airport you are obliged to show the documents during:

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