If the passenger decides to check-in at the airport, right after arriving at the airport he/she should report to the appropriate check-in

desk. Desk number can be checked on the screens provided inside the terminal. Check-in desks are located in the main hall of the terminal (check the  map).  At the check-in desk, the passenger presents a booking confirmation and identity document (or other documents if required), has the baggage labelled  and after undergoing security and customs control (when required) he/she is directed to the aircraft. Then the passenger receives a boarding pass with baggage check- in confirmation attached (required in case of any complaints). Boarding pass entitles the passenger to board the aircraft, as well as to shop within the area past security control.

The check-in opening and closing times are defined in the airlines terms and conditions of carriage. Please read them carefully when booking your tickets.

Passengers are advised to check-in as early as possible. The airline reserves the right to cancel your reservation and deny you boarding if you do not comply with the Check-in deadline.

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