Safety policy

Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A. [Wrocław Airport] has established safety policy with the primary objective of implementing the functions of an aerodrome for public use associated with performing certified flight activities while maintaining the highest possible level of safety by eliminating the risks and hazards to airport operations.

We understand our public service obligation as a commitment to ensure the functioning of the airport while maintaining the highest level of safety in accordance with the domestic and international regulations for the sake of the safety of people, equipment, infrastructure, and each operation of the airport.

The safety of flight operations is treated by us as a priority objective of our strategy allows for the effective implementation of trade issues, social and environmental development of ensuring Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A.

The employees of Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A. are responsible for safety in accordance with their scopes of responsibilities related to their competence and described in particular procedures and organisational rules, and the safety of flight operations prevails in all aspects of their activities.

The Safety Policy is implemented by means of:

  1. Systematic improvement of the Safety Management System (SMS), whose operating principles are set out in relevant provisions;
  2. Creating and respecting the rules of corprate safety culture „JUST CULTURE”, which assures that in case of the employee who through an obligatory or not obligatory system of reporting about threats discolses observed threat, irregularities or/and mistakes, the disciplinary actions will not be taken against this person. Simultanously it is not accepted to violate intentionally the procedures, regulations implemented by Wroclaw Airport as well as gross negligence against Wroclaw Airport is forbidden.
  3. Maintaining the organisational rules that allow for assigning duties, competence and responsibilities for safety at every level of the organisation;
  4. A systemic analysis of the collected data, applying reasonable measures and monitoring the effectiveness of the preventive actions taken.
  5. Creating, implementing, improving and performing the processes of risk identification and management.
  6. A regular assessment and analysis of new systems, procedures and changes in the airport infrastructure in relation to the safety of flight operations.
  7. Creating a system for reporting safety threats.
  8. Launching new initiatives which may contribute to increasing the level of safety.
  9. Ensuring the possibility of reporting incidents, accidents and potential threats without drawing the consequences in order to encourage effective reporting incidents and threats.
  10. Gathering, analysing and distributing data regarding safety, derived from operating activities.
  11. Providing a training system aimed at enhancing skills and awareness of safety among all the employees of Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A.
  12. Distribution of adequate resources for the implementation of projects aimed at raising the safety level of flight operations.
  13. Regular safety inspections and continuous improvement of safety management methods relating to flight operations and update safety policy.

Wrocław Airport’s safety policy is constantly improved depending on the results and current trends in the field of air safety.

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