Flight operations safety

The main and priority objective of any airport manager is to ensure the safety of performing flight operations. The Aerodrome Certificate, issued by the President of the Civil Aviation Office, constitutes a document confirming the fulfilment of requirements and the persistent ability of the airport manager to safely perform flight activities.

The aim of the certification process is to examine and assess the capability of the airport manager to ensure the persistent safety of flight operations. Only a positive result of this process constitutes the basis for the President of the Civil Aviation Office to make a decision whether to grant the Certificate a given airport to a given airport.

So far, the President of the Civil Aviation Office has given Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A., in accordance with the provisions in force, the following Aerodrome Certificates:

PL – 004/EPWR/2014

Each Aerodrome Certificate has been issued with the longest possible validity period, which confirms the fulfilment of international and domestic laws by Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A. It also ensures the safe functioning and performance of flight operations within our airport.

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