Threat Report Form

If you are an employee of the Airport, a passenger or you just found yourself at the Airport or in its surroundings and you noticed a disturbing event, phenomenon or problem which, in your opinion, may constitute a threat to flight safety and may cause an incident or accident, then…
Do not hesitate to inform us about it. By doing so, you may, even anonymously, contribute to avoid danger and protect someone’s health or life.
Under the Safety Management System (SMS) introduced within the airport, any such report will be carefully examined while observing complete confidentiality of the information sources. We guarantee that we will not take actions against persons who unknowingly or while not acting in bad faith have contributed to the emergence of a threat.

Our common goal is to provide the highest practically possible and acceptable level of safety.

Safety Manager H24/7
Tel.: +48 /71/ 3581 334
e-mail: [email protected]

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