POIS 8.4 project

Baner UEPOIS.08.04.00-00-001/09-01 for the Project „Improvement of safety and guards at Wrocław Airport Co.”.
Task:  „Improvement of safety and guard at Wrocław Airport Co. POIS.08.04.00-00-001/09 within the frameworks of the task 8.4 Safety and guard of air transport priority  VIII Safety of the transport and domestic transport networks of Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007 – 2013.”

Total cost of the Project amounts to 17 330 184,64 zł and includes the eligible costs amounting to 14 214 713, 74. Subsidy amounts to 12 082 506,67 zł. Concerns purchase of X-ray equipment for security control of hand lagguage and the articles and goods subject to security control, metal detectors and electronic system of fence protection together with CCTV system.

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