Environmental protection

Environmental protection
Every airport’s activity affects the natural environment to a greater or lesser extent. Environment protection often requires a lot of effort, technical thought and financial resources. Being concerned about the natural environment Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A. is implementing a lot of programmes aimed at protecting the environment against noise, air pollution, groundwater and  meltwater contamination and waste production.

One of the most noticeable impacts on the environment is, undoubtedly, noise.  Noise is strictly connected with continuous  flight operations and cannot be eliminated in 100 percent. Actions aimed at reducing the noise level are a part of the Wrocław Airport’ strategy and are concidered as a priority. At  the moment we have launched a programme of constant monitoring of the noise level.
It is also worth stressing that many of our initiatives designed to limit the noise around the airport are undertaken in close cooperation with the Polish Civil Aviation Agency. Among others, we take common efforts to develop and introduce silent takeoff  and landing procedures to be complied with by all aircraft’ operators.
Other anti-noise activities include a 6 m height and 142 m long acustic screens that have been built near the general aviation terminal and which made it possible to significantly reduce the emission of noise coming from operations and activities held on the apron. And that is not all – we do not stop carrying out acoustic tests and detailed analysies  on the basis of which we are planning the construction of new acoustic screens.

Water and sewage management
In order to comply with the environment protection regulations, we regularly carry out tests on the quality of sewage and underground, rain and meltwater from the airport’s premises. Wrocław Airport has its own mechanical and biological purifier which undergoes ongoing maintenance. The airport has all permits required under the Water Law Acts and operates in accordance with  applicable standards.

Waste management
The activity of the Airport is also connected with generating several types of waste. The decision on waste generation, obtained by the Wrocław Airport defines in detail the types and amounts of sewage that can be produced annually by the Airport. There has been developed a system of storing and transferring sewage to the collectors having all necessary permits for sewage transportation and disposal.

Wild animals
Birds and mammals within the area of the airport or in the ground air traffic zone can pose a threat to aircrafts. To ensure the safety of air operations, necessary actions are being taken. The airport employs a person (a falconer) who is responsible for scaring away birds, as well as for monitoring and keeping wild animals away from the airport. At the airport there is also an automatic bird scaring system which uses solar energy as power supply. All methods that are used are harmless to birds and animals living in the vicinity of the airport.

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