Tests at the airport – all you need to know


In order to meet the needs of passengers, in accordance with the current regulations, we would like to inform you that from January 30th 2021 each passenger arriving from direct flight from Non Schengen country can perform at our airport a quick antigen test for the presence of coronavirus. The COVID-19 diagnostic point is located before border control zone. The cost of the test is PLN 200, the waiting time for the result – ca. 15 minutes. A negative test result allows you to be released from a 10-day quarantine. The diagnostic point is always open on each arrival from the Non Schengen country, even at night.

According to the current regulations, the results of these tests are accepted by the relevant authorities as they are performed before crossing the border control line.

More about the tests and release from quarantine: https://www.gov.pl/web/gis/komunikat-glownego-inspektora-sanitarnego6?fbclid=IwAR0VeVAtbLrWt20GS3f2IyeqoYWgFFPxeP6J18NcvdvOyjjEzax_TYxOB1

PLEASE NOTE that antigen tests at the airport are NOT PERFORMED by the PORT ŁUKASIEWICZ laboratory.


You can perform at our airport a rapid antigen test before departure. Until now, only passengers flying to the Netherlands could use this service, as they are obliged to present a negative result of the antigen test performed 4 hours before departure with a negative result of the molecular PCR test performed 72 hours before departure.

NEWS! Due to the great interest of this offer among other passengers – from February 5th, rapid tests before departure  are available to all passengers departing from Wrocław (cost: 150 PLN).

We ask all passengers who fly to other countries to check the regulations before the planned trip and we invite you to take a test at the airport.

PLEASE NOTE that antigen tests at the airport are NOT PERFORMED by the PORT ŁUKASIEWICZ laboratory.


At our airport there is a site, when you can be tested for Covid-19. The test site is drive-thru and is available to everyone, without registration. In cooperation with the airport, it is launched by the Łukasiewicz Research Network (PORT). Opening hours of the test site: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm; the cost of the test: PLN 435; the tests are carried out with the Real Time-qPCR method, recommended by WHO (World Health Organization).

How to prepare to the test: Before arriving to the test site rinse your mouth with boiled water, refrain from eating for at least 2-3 hours before the test.

Directly before the swab test:
- do not clean your teeth
- do not use mouthwash
- do not chew a gum
- do not take any tablets/lozenges
- do not clense your nose (refrein from rinsing, blowing)
- remove your dentures

The testee must have an ID, have a mask/faceshild and sanitize their hands before the swab test.

More information:
QUICK TESTS BEFORE DEPARTURE – information will be provided by employees at the entrance to the terminal
PCR TESTS AT THE AIRPORT – information will be provided by Łukasiewicz – PORT: https://www.port.org.pl/en/.

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