Useful information

In accordance with the new regulation of Polish Government, airlines travelling to/from Poland may fly only to countries of the European Union and those forming EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland)

‼WARNING‼ At least till June 30, 2020, flights to Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Sweden wont’t be realized in Poland.
Currently scheduled flights for the next days:

Thursday 18.06: Eindhoven
Friday 19.06: Oslo Torp, Reykjavik
Saturday 20.06: Eindhoven
Monday 22.06: Oslo Torp, Reykjavik
Thuesday 23.06: Eindhoven
Thursday 25.06: Eindhoven
Friday 26.06: Oslo Torp, Reykjavik
Saturday 27.06: Eindhoven

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